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Analysis & Reporting with Fluke SmartView



Analysis & Reporting with Fluke SmartView

Analysis & Reporting with Fluke SmartView™ is a 1-day class that covers the practical steps needed to create reports that have the look and feel you desire and communicate the information you need. The class provides a comprehensive tutorial on Fluke SmartView™ from installation to image analysis and from image annotation to reporting. Furthermore, the class includes the advanced topic of how to customize report templates to simplify and speed up your custom report creation.

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Price: 595.00

Building Diagnostics Using Infrared Thermal Imaging Workshop


Building Diagnostics Applications is a workshop which showcases how infrared thermal imagers can be used to investigate issues with the building envelope such as moisture intrusion, insulation performance, and air infiltration/exfiltration.

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Price: 99.00



Manufacturers of motor testing equipment all use similar methods of data collection for the analysis of motors and electric motor circuit faults offline.  Their respective training courses are geared toward the operation of their particular equipment, with a great deal of time spent on software.  The intent of The Snell Group's training course is to simplify the motor testing process by examining the individual tests utilized by today’s electric motor testing equipment.

To help the student understand the theory behind these individual tests, sample motors and motor components will be tested using specific test equipment designed to identify specific failure modes.  Correlation of the results of these individual tests will be made with the integrated and computer controlled equipment developed by today’s motor tester equipment manufacturers. This will provide the student with a sound theoretical foundation to safely and successfully analyze, troubleshoot and maintain motors and their circuits regardless of what equipment is utilized or eventually procured.

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Motor Testing

Price: 1995.00



Electrical safety training is offered in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-hour training sessions tailored to the roles and responsibilities of personnel that do technical work (entire 8 hour class), supervise electrical workers (first 4 hours), or have management responsibility (first 2 hours) for electrical workers and the electrical distribution systems. Key topics covered in the 8 hour class:  Risk assessment, risk mitigation strategies, employee and employer responsibilities, shock and arc flash risk hazards, electrical safety practices, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), meter and measurement safety, and more.

BROCHURE: Arc Flash & Electrical Safety NFPA-70E Training

Price: 495.00



Electric Motor Testing - Energized
ESA, MCSA, and Power Quality Analysis Level 1
Course Length = 32 hours including practical and written examinations

This 32 hour course aims to educate students on the tools and techniques associated with assessing the condition and presence of faults in energized electric motors and motor driven equipment.  By identifying problems in advance of catastrophic failure, we can proactively maintain equipment which leads to improved uptime and reliability, longer equipment life, and lower cost of ownership.

The intent of this course is to provide a sound technical foundation and practical experience for the technician using a combination of lectures, training aids and test equipment, and hands-on lab exercises that reinforce learnings.

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Brochure and Syllabus: Energized Electrical Motor Testing Class
Price: 1995.00

Fluke Maintenance Best Practices Workshop


Learn how to improve uptime and reliability of equipment by using tools and techniques that provide early visibility of impending problems in mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electrical equipment.  By finding problems ahead of catastrophic failure, you can take corrective action on your schedule and avoid costly downtime.

This workshop features Fluke's infared thermal imagers, Fluke vibration testers and meters, Fluke laser shaft aligntment, and Fluke Connect that enables sharing measurements with your team.

Price: 99.00



Computer Based Vibration Analysis Training System

Learning how to make meaningful and relevant vibration measurements and how to interpret them is the purpose of the iLearnVibration training modules.  iLearnVibration is available in Professional and Professional Analyst editions--the difference in Professional Analyst being the inclusion of iLearnVibration Interpreter which is a diagnostic tool that assists the analyst with determination of possible machine faults based on vibration spectrum and time waveform measurements.

How is your vibration analysis program going?  Are you discovering problems with rotating equipment before they result in catastrophic failure? Do you feel confident you're collecting the right data and correctly performing analysis? When surveyed, most people acknowledge that they need training, and they need resources for on-going refresher training and reference.  Most people also say they want to enhance their qualifications and be prepared for certification testing which, when completed, provides recognition for the knowledge and skills they have attained. That is exactly what you will find here!

Price: 2495.00

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