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Each Fluke 805 and Fluke 805FC device must be licensed for use with an installation of the 805 Explorer application.  Purchase of the Explorer 805 Professional Edition software includes a single device license.  Order this product when you have multiple Fluke 805 vibration meters to license.  Any number of devices may be licensed with an installation of Explorer 805 Professional Edition.
Price: 95.00

Fluke 805 Explorer Software
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Explorer 805 software from Fox River Systems complements Fluke 805 and Fluke 805FC Vibration Meters to enable vibration screening of small-to-large-scale collections of rotating equipment assets.  

Explorer 805 solves the 4 most challenging issues facing an organization that is starting up of a vibration screening program for rotating equipment assets that employs the Fluke 805.  Explorer 805 provides the means to:  
1) Define and manage the machine measurement definitions for in-scope equipment,  
2) Overcome challenges associated with management of machine assets at multiple sites or where there a larger number of assets,
3) Discover which equipment assets have problems after measurements have been made, and
4) Create actionable, insightful reports

Explorer 805 Brochure

Explorer 805 Software Manual

Explorer 805 by Fox River Systems is a Windows PC software application that works in conjunction with the Fluke 805 Vibration Meter to address these challenges head on.   The application was designed to meet the needs of service providers and in-house maintenance organizations alike with software features that enable:  rapid definition of machines and measurements, effortless visibility to "bad actor" machines, support for measurement routes and for one or more Fluke 805 meters, and simplified creation of professional quality reports.

Try out the software for 7 days for free!  Download the 7-day trial version by clicking on the button. 

Software Version: Professional Edition (+1595.00)
Price: 1595.00

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